Da Lata
Album Title: Da Lata
Artists: Fernanda Abreu
Released: 1996-07-05
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: Pop,Music,World
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 75893 89244

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Veneno da Lata (feat. Herbert Vianna & Sofia Stein).mp3, Garota Sangue-Bom (feat. Fausto Fawcett).mp3, Tudo Vale a Pena.mp3, Um Dia Não Outro Sim (feat. Daddae Harvey).mp3, A Tua Presença Morena.mp3, Brasil é o País do Suingue.mp3, Esse é o Lugar.mp3, Dois.mp3, Somos um.mp3, Sla 3 (São Sebastião Lembrança Aérea).mp3, A Lata (feat. Chacal).mp3, Babilônia Rock (feat. Cláudio Zoli).mp3, É Hoje.mp3,

About Fernanda Abreu

In 1981, at 19, Fernanda Abreu had an amateur band with Leo Jaime (Nota Vermelha) and was doing contemporary dancing in the groups Coringa and Fonte. Later in that year, she joined Blitz, a band of historical importance for Brazilian rock of the '80s. In that period she participated in albums by Plebe Rude (O Concreto Já Rachou, 1985) and Ricardo Barreto, formerly of Blitz (Prisioneiros do Ar, 1986). After the dissolution of the band in 1986, Abreu gradually structured her solo career, preparing material, doing shows, and recording with Fausto Fawcett, Laufer, and Serginho Mekler. In 1989, having already written some originals, she met Herbert Vianna (from Paralamas do Sucesso). Encouraged by him, Abreu formed a funk/disco band with Fábio Fonseca (former Nota Vermelha), Fernando Vidal (guitar), Aurélio Dias (bass), and Bodão (drums). Her first solo album, SLA Radical Dance Disco Club (1990), was produced by Herbert Vianna and Fábio Fonseca and had a hit with "A Noite" (Abreu/Luís Stein/Laufer). Her second album, SLA2/Be Sample (1992), was one of the earliest Brazilian pop records to extensively employ the sampler, and had success with "Rio 40 Graus" (Abreu/Fausto Fawcett/Laufer). Since then, considered the first lady of the Brazilian disco, Abreu became the most popular female funk singer with Da Lata, which had "Veneno da Lata" (Abreu/Will Mowat), "Garota Sangue Bom" (Abreu/ Fawcett), and "Brasil É o País do Suíngue" (Abreu/Fawcett/Laufer/Hermano Vianna). ~ Alvaro Neder

Da Lata

Fernanda Abreu

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    4:12 Veneno da Lata (feat. Herbert Vianna %26 Sofia Stein).mp3
    4:22 Garota Sangue-Bom (feat. Fausto Fawcett).mp3
    4:53 Tudo Vale a Pena.mp3
    4:00 Um Dia Não Outro Sim (feat. Daddae Harvey).mp3
    4:45 A Tua Presença Morena.mp3
    4:59 Brasil é o País do Suingue.mp3
    3:59 Esse é o Lugar.mp3
    4:21 Dois.mp3
    4:26 Somos um.mp3
    3:02 Sla 3 (São Sebastião Lembrança Aérea).mp3
    1:17 A Lata (feat. Chacal).mp3
    4:07 Babilônia Rock (feat. Cláudio Zoli).mp3
    3:27 É Hoje.mp3
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